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28.01.05 Grey Area, self-portrait through informations.
Grey Area is a work by Friederike Paetzold which, with a wrongfooting speed describes the author himself through a series of numerical quantizations. Starting from the assumption that anybody can be defined through his desires, the way he tries to get what he wants and how happy he is with what he's got, the work sketches a self-portrait using the levels of desire and satisfaction sampled every hour for 24 days. The data are presented according to different schemes and methods, in a 'rasterization of the psyche' which, according to the author, makes the individual appear more 'discreet and generic'. Truly, the informations, if presented schematically, easily lose their specificity, showing just the immaterial skin of what they represent. Here, in the rapid sequence of dynamic measurements, this immaterial outer layer is celebrated in his ephemerality, already outdated by the present. from:Neural.it


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