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Snagg - RFID tagging valuable instruments.
SNAGG builds RFID tags into expensive musical instruments:

"SNAGG is a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) applications integrator focused on product registration, verification, asset recovery, and supply chain integration. We employ the latest, and most appropriate developments in RFID technology to help our clients accomplish their goals."

And nobody is going to complain about privacy issues, or people scanning their instruments when they walk in the door. As opposed to the Benetton announcement that they were going to RFID tag clothes, which generated a firestorm of controversy. Why is that?

There is an obvious benefit to having an expensive musical instrument tagged, in the event that it's stolen. There's several interesting points here that I can see:
- clear consumer benefit - protection if my instrument is stolen
- instruments are valuable - hundreds, thousands of dollars
- instruments can frequently be out of sight or the owner's immediate possession
- instruments don't really reveal much information to a person trying to profile me

One could argue that a shirt doesn't meet any of these criteria. What do you think?. from: rootburn


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