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Konrad Becker Tactical Reality Dictionary
<book> Edition Selene
ISBN 3-85266-194-3

Publishing a collection of essays under the disguise of a dictionary is hardly a novelty, but it's not simple to present it with agile and comprehensive 'definitions' of a popular yet still changing terminology, succeeding in making a brief but complete excursus of the tactical use of media, as it's been done here. It's a 'dictionary', brief and striking, which talks about history, as in the essay about the invisible microwave ray directed against the embassy of the United States in Moscow in 1952, with heavy consequences for many employees ('Microwave Discommunicaton'), and about psychology, as in the essay about the U.S. Air Force experiments where some soldiers were hypnotized and forced to attack a senior officer ('Embedded Commands'). The terms explained are seventytwo, sorted in a tactical order, and cast a light on as many relatively obscure facets of social and political media culture and their manipulative and propagandistic use by governments and organizations responsible for the manipulation of opinions. In a style both tight and rich of informations, a disquieting scenery emerges: we are systematically overwhelmed by an unmanageable flow of informations which dangerously exposes us to sophisticated techniques of organization of the public conscience. A 'Perception management', as it is defined in the glossary, which we can successfully identify and fight. from:Neural.it


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