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Biomedia. book
Eugene Thacker

<book> University of Minnesota Press
ISBN 0816643539

... The relations between the two different codes involved (of biotechnology and of computers) are highlighted, and both are used to describe entities and processes. This way, 'dry biology' (biology which doesn't use organic components) shows a new perspective of organic matter, where "data can't describe or replace the body, but can provide an index of its transformability". The media aspect of biotechnology is exploited by biotechnological art which, when it isn't made purely to shock, can dig deep holes in the propaganda spread by the industry and help redefine the concepts of ethics, which are often too firmly entrenched on naturist positions. The Critical Art Ensemble and the accusations against them by the american powers are one of the most manifest signals that innovative and non-aligned reflections are more necessary than ever to understand a biology which is exploding thanks to the endless possibilities of manipulation.


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