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Sarai Reader 04, Crisis / Media
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ISBN 8190142941

... This rich text collects mostly unheard voices who live and tell, from their point of view, what they have seen and studied, without the haughtiness of the 'special correspondents'. These voices are among the few who can speak about the conflicts as seen from the inside, describing the facts and the manipulations. Essay after essay, the choices imposed by media propaganda (for or against a president, a war, an ideology or a religion and its followers) are broken in tens of necessary reflections. This way, a complex discourse can be put together and become an object of reflection and confrontation, breaking up the killer speed of screamed news and shallow television reports, and the road to a different conscience and a different (counter)information, as much effective and lasting, can be found again.


Outbound essays / articles

. The Right Time for Research: The Beginning. A pro-usability article.
. An article on the infamous demise of boo.com and the impact of the innovative design on success

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