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Spam Kings
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Brian S. McWilliams
Spam Kings
<book> O'Reilly
ISBN 0596007329

The excess of output (that is, the excessive communication power) in the hands of a single person guarantees an incredible freedom of expression but threatens to implode the electronic mail medium. And, though the technique of 'shooting into the crowd' was already perfected by traditional marketing in the last twenty years, some other techniques have been made possible only thanks to the interwined networks of the Internet, such as the suggestion to buy some stocks so the spammer can sell them after the rise induced by the wave of buyers, or the 'dictionary attack', that is, trying to guess the email addresses hosted on a single provided using a dictionary of common names and words.

This endless struggle between polluters and self-appointed ethical crusaders is just one of the biggest contradictions of the Net. Thus, unavoidably, this book will become a classic in this field. Moreover, even if, as the famous cartoonist Thach Bui says, the inventor of a working system to kill spam would deserve the Nobel prize, the most daring and hidden desires of human beings will continue to be the target of profiteers.


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