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Usability Engineering . book
Xristine Faulkner
Usability Engineering (Grassroots S.)
<book> Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0333773217

Usabilty is one of the key component of a website, even if it's still an underestimated factor. There are many studies on how long a user stay on webpage and how long he uses a site, relating this tests to design and information structure. Since this topics are not yet mandatory for professionals o students' curricula, it's worth to check this book that tries to contextualise the 'user', help to make usable products, measuring the results, and analyze a complete case study in the end.


Outbound essays / articles

. The Right Time for Research: The Beginning. A pro-usability article.
. An article on the infamous demise of boo.com and the impact of the innovative design on success

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