the daily meeting points/times for demonstrations are:

17.00 and 19.00 at Ballhausplatz/Heldenplatz


the next bigggg event is:

19/02/2000 EU-wide demonstration. special focus austria (haha) / / /

---> meeting points are throughout vienna, as well as throughout the whole of austria;;;; pls check out the website of SOS Mitmensch (organizers of this demonstration)

pls understand that the english news-page can only be updated infrequently - also check out the german version of this news page for more current news!

widerstand meetz daily!
AND:: dont forget!! [+43 1] 535 91 09 - the number to call if you get in trouble with the police....

for the most current newz --> always::GO::TO::

the world will never be the same again! HAHAHA!